The FGR-01™ is the uniform chassis for all teams and drivers entering the first season of FGR™.

The FGR™ design department produced this high end racing machine during countless hours on the drawing board as well as trackside. The FGR-01 is a fully electrical vehicle, therefore, no fuel is burned. Drivers only need to pit in order to recharge their batteries, using the innovative FGR Quick Charge Technology (QCT). The weight of the car does not change during the race, due to the lack of fuel burn.

The 2020 FGR™┬áseason features an unlimited supply of sportive road tires, provided by our partners over at PixelRubber™. These tires display a very low level of degradation over the course of a race, which ensures very pure racing. The robust FGR-01 chassis can take a hit or two without any problems. At a damage rate of just 10%, only heavy impacts will produce noteworthy damage to the carbon pixel chassis.

By investing endless hours of testing, we balanced out the
FGR-01™ perfectly.

With performance data similar to Formula E, the
FGR-01™ offers an agile front axle and a lot of grip on the
back of the car.


Low Air Resistance
Downforce: 180
Power: 270
Top Speed: 70.25
Mass: 450