So, you’re one of the hot shots that want’s to compete for the FGR™ World Championship title? Before you proceed, make sure there’s a team that wants your services and gives you a cockpit. In total FGR™ gives away a maximum of 18 driver licenses for the 2020 season. Make sure you’ve read the FGR™ rulebook. Did you have a look at our race calendar and made sure you can make at least 5 out of the 6 races? If you can answer all of that with “yes”, you’re petty much good to go. Except, before you apply, you should get the following ready:

-) Your first name + the first letter of your family name (make one up if you’re uncomfortable with that).

-) The nickname, you’re known for in the GeneRally forum.

-) Your nationality.

-) Your age.

-) Your gender.

-) The team you will be driving for.

-) Now, before you can apply below – first head on over to to create your avatar. You’re free to design your character any way you want. There are just 3 rules:

Before you start, make sure to zoom all the way out and leave it that way. This helps us making use of unified avatars in the future, when we do coverage.
Use one of the 3 clothes (red circle), as they are closest to a racing suit. Give the race suit the color of your primary team color.
Use the empty background. And don’t use sunglasses.
Download your avatar in 400×400.

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