After you acquired a license, this is how you can take part in a race:

1.) Download the latest FGR™ package here:
It’s advisable to use this only for FGR purposes. It includes new sounds and only the tracks used by FGR. Settings are also already set up according to the FGR rules, so you can go straight to driving without worrying about anything.

2.) Start the game and create your driver, according to the colors you signed up with (check here

3.) Open the track that is currently raced on, according to the calendar and choose the included driver “Blanca S.” as your opponent. It’s an AI driver with a skill level of 100. Whether you start first or second is your decision.

4.) For the first season, we allow as many tries as you wish. We may introduce a login for the second season, but we feel for now – this is the easiest way for all the drivers. While you can race as many times as you want, please note that you can only send a race in 1 time, and that one will count.

5.) You do your race and immediately after you cross the finish line, you should save your game (before the result screen appears). 

6.) You close your game and go to and upload the full FGR folder from your computer. Send it to

7.) The deadline is 23:59 UTC on the last day of each race (check here).