The FGR™ Series has been designed as the ultimate GeneRally competition. Years ago we set out to build a new racing series and failed due to “life”, shortly before going public with this championship. Now, it’s time and we want to provide a lively, competitive and fun environment for fans of quality top down motorsports. With “Circuit Superstars” just around the corner, the future looks bright for all of us. Until then, we strive to make the most out of our beloved GeneRally. We aim to create the history of a new racing series, together with its participants, by way of making our own Wikipedia that records all things happening in the league. The drivers, the dramas, the teams –  everything. We want to do that for years to come. FGR™ understands itself as a spiritual successor to Soltys F1 League.

We’re planning to have some of the world’s best GeneRally teams on board, and the hottest digital racing talents from across the globe filling their race seats. We will be enjoying drama and excitement in abundance with championships expected to go down to the wire, treating us to multiple epic fights for the crown.

Our partnership with will provide FGR™ not only with high end video production for all races of the league but also a broad reach across multiple platforms, ensuring an actual audience, outside of FGR’s participants, watching the races.

As the FGR™ World Championship Series begins its first ever season and we are looking forward to watching the new class of teams and drivers battle it out on track – and write a common history together.