After a few delays, the first ever FGR™ season starts today! For the next 7 days, the FGR™ circus will reside at the world famous Sinpopark, which opened its doors back in 2019. Competing for the championship title are 4 brand new racing teams. The latest entry being LJ Racing, based in Hungary. LJ Racing is a team with an international driver line-up, with Levente J. being from Hungary and Jan M. from the Czech Republic. With their stylish livery, their version of the FGR-01™ is eye candy for racing fans.

Another country that sends their best to compete is the United Kingdom. Moto Mania currently hosts only 1 driver, being Colin G. – completing the all British team. Another version of a national team is the MACCHINA Racing Team from Italy, which boasts an entirely Italian line-up with Mario R. and Paolo M. trying to get to the top steps of the podium.

Last but not least, NICOGP from Austria, featuring only 1 driver, with Nico S., since the second driver had to pull back due to health issues shortly before the season started.