FormulaGR has been lucky lately (pun intended). Shortly before the end of the inaugural race week of FGR, another privateer team signed up. LUCK Pixel Racing Team joins as yet another privateer team in FGR, with David G. owning the team and driving the only car as well. Not only that, with David G. joining, another European country joins the roster of the FGR franchise: Spain just put itself on the map and will try to imitate a certain Fernando A.‘s success in the digital racing space.

On a sidenote: With the LUCK Pixel Racing Team joining, FGR is soon reaching it’s limit of 9 team licenses for the first season. Wether or not more team licenses will be added, is up for decision in 2021. With that being said: Interested drivers should start getting accustomed to the idea of joining existing teams, as the number of 9 team licenses will not be expanded in the first season.